Teams Exchange (NEW)

We are excited to announce new Teams Exchange events to our 2023 calendar. These events will encourage discussions between key leadership titles at leading hospitals and health systems.

Teams Exchange: Digital + Executive

Who should attend: CIOs, Chief Innovation Officers, CEOs, COOs, CSOs, and Chief Marketing Officers
Focus: To bring the industry forward to the digital age, those with information and innovation experience must work together with executive decision-makers to find solutions that expand markets and improve care.

Teams Exchange: Clinical + Financial

Who should attend: CFOs, Chief Medical Officers, CNOs, CHROs, Chief Administrative Officers
Focus: The current clinical labor model is unsustainable. Clinical and financial leaders must work together to redesign models of care that work for the business of quality healthcare.

All Exchange events are by invitation only, with an agenda driven by our attendees.

To request an invitation for a Teams Exchange, or to learn more, please email




Teams Exchange: Clinical + Financial

Hutton Hotel

Nashville, TN

September 21-22, 2023