Who are the member attendees?

All members of HealthLeaders Exchanges are carefully selected and recruited by our editorial staff. The roster of members from the Exchange is usually typical of the diversity of health systems represented at the event.

What is your attendance policy?

We ask that all invited members of the HealthLeaders Exchange consider their schedules very carefully before committing to this unique program. Our events are intentionally built around a limited number of participants, and the attendance of all invited members is critical. We recognize, of course, that emergencies do arise in the leadership of healthcare systems, so in the event that a member must cancel within 60 days of the event we may ask that the health system provide a replacement with an identical title. If no such replacement exists, we ask that members cover any non-reimbursable travel expenses.

Are spouses welcome?

Of course. We encourage spouses to come along and enjoy the beautiful resort. Spouses are welcome to attend event dinners, receptions, and activities. We do ask that members cover airfare expenses for their spouse.

May we extend our stay?

Our conference resort has a limited block of rooms available for those members who wish to extend their stay at the conference rate but at member expense. Our team will be happy to assist you in making arrangements to extend your stay.

Who picks the topics we will discuss at the Exchange?

You do. Invited and confirmed members of the Exchange will be surveyed on their top strategic priorities in prior to the conference date, and the agenda will be set based on those responses. The two pre-event conference calls will be an opportunity to refine the topics.

What is the format for the sponsor focus groups?

Our sponsor partners enable us to offer our program at no charge to healthcare leaders. We ask that each attending Exchange member attend a single 90-minute session with one of our event sponsors and four of your health system peers. It’s an educational opportunity for both member and sponsor, not a pitch session. All sponsors are coached by us and sessions are evaluated by the members.

Will I be asked to bring a presentation?

The unique format of HealthLeaders Exchanges is built around a series of small executive roundtables of between eight to 12 members, moderated by a HealthLeaders senior editor. Discussion guides will be sent to members for educational review in the weeks prior to the event. You may volunteer to present a single idea or innovation at the Ideas Breakfast on Friday.


To request an invitation for an upcoming Exchange event, at no cost to you, please contact exchange@healthleadersmedia.com.

Based on your profile and availability, we will let you know if we can accommodate your participation.

Please note that invitations are only extended to senior-level, provider executives.

Thank you.